Sunday, 27 February 2011

Provincial elections, Nederlandse stijl

This Wednesday, the elections for the first chamber of the Dutch parliament will take place. The outcome of this election will be important for the future of the governing coalition, but voters do not seem to care much. In order to attract some attention to the elections, some unorthodox tactics are employed.

In Eindhoven's very own province, Noord-Brabant, the local government has launched a campaign to convince people to vote and make their intention to do so public. The trick that make this different from every similar campaign all over the world? Those who participate stand to win an iPad.

In Netherlands' southernmost province, Limburg, a candidate has released a video ad titled De naakte waarheid (the naked truth), where his political party's logo is shown as a tatoo in a woman's butt. The best part? He is a candidate of the conservative Christian Democrat party (CDA)!

Update: One of those who don't seem to care much about the elections is Maxime Verhagen, deputy prime minister and leader of the Christian Democrat party, which is part of the coalition government. Apparently, instead of campaining, Mr. Verhagen is on a skiing vacation. At least, he is going to be back in time to cast his vote, according to his spokesman.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

“All the very best of …them”

What is the power of music? What is the power of a band? I actually realized it on Friday night when I watched live the American indie rock band The National in Cross-Linx festival in Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven; to keep your attention when you don’t know any of their songs; to whisper them while biking back home; to play their songs in repeat mode the day after the concert. The band came on stage, with the drummer reminding me of John Lennon with his round glasses and headband and the frontman looking quite uncomfortable while not singing… The concert begun with Matt Berninger singing

...there's no savin' anything
i'll swallow the shine of the sun
there's no savin' anything
i'll swallow the sun

and me seized by a flood of emotions. During the concert, the two brothers and band’s guitarists, Aaron and Bryce, were really talkative arguing with the vocalist about the difficulty of their songs giving the impression that they enjoyed so much being there, more than the audience! The best moments of the night were two; the wander of the vocalist among the crowed audience, climbing on the seats, sitting for a moment while singing “Mr. November” to finally end up at higher stages of the Airport Zaal. After that spectacular performance I was expecting that the concert would end. I was wrong- I should admit that I was actually a bit disappointed when they went on playing a couple of songs more. However, at the end I realized why… The vocalist called in front of the stage all the band members and invited the audience to sing unplugged. I was speechless and... recording! These are moments you just want to keep forever. Everyone was standing and singing:

Vanderlyle, crybaby, cry
Man it’s all been forgivin'
Swans are a swimmin'
I'll explain everything to the geeks...

Post by Xrysis

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Show Mercy

As you might already now, there are things happening during the next months that will make all local goths happy. Forgetting about the oxymoron of the previous sentence, let's have a look on these forthcoming events. But first, some music to fit the content:

1) Sisters of Mercy concert:

Where: Tilburg, venue is 013
When: February 23rd 2011
How much: 35 Euros
Where can I find tickets: Here

2) Joy Division tribute concert

More specifically, one of the founding members of the band, Peter Hook, will provide a "back to the roots" show for all dedicated fans of this seminal band. The concert will focus on the milestone album Unknown Pleasures.

Where: Eindhoven, venue is Effenaar
When: May 29th 2011
How much: 27.5 Euros
Where can I find tickets: Here

Fact: Joy Division, including Ian Curtis, gave a concert in the same venue 31 years ago that was on January 18th 1980. More info and footage from this concert you may find here. This was just 4 months before Ian Curtis took a bold step to the other world.

3) Ian Curtis Memorial (!?!)

Where: Eindhoven, venue is Effenaar
When: May 18th 2011 (Exactly 31 years from Ian Curtis death)
How much: 7.5 Euros (Only 5.00 Euros if you got a ticket to Peter Hook's concert)
Where can I find tickets: Here

The event is presumably some words from people that where close to Ian Curtis and that where part of the New Wave movement. There will also be the movie of Anton Corbijn on the life of Ian Curtis. More info here (in Dutch).


From our side, we would like to address a question to the readers of this blog (to both of them :P ): Are you aware of any venue in Eindhoven or the neighbouring cities that is dedicated to New wave/Electro/Goth/Industrial music? If yes, please let us know by droping a line at eindhoven.calling@gmail.com

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Netherlands-Austria in Eindhoven!

This Wednesday, the Dutch national football team will play a friendly game against Austria in Philips Stadion, here in Eindhoven, and the best part is that tickets are still available! So, if you want to experience the orange madness that are the home games of Holland, hurry and buy your tickets online or in one of the affiliated shops!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Alexander the Great: exhibition at Amsterdam

Attention: this is a "we're Greeks and proud of it" post. Proceed with caution.

The Hermitage museum in Amsterdam, a branch of the renowned Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, is hosting a very interesting exhibition about Alexander the Great. Alexander needs hardly any introduction: he became king of the Macedonians aged 20 and led a Greek army against the Persian empire. By the age of 33, he had crushed the Persians, was declared son of god Amun-Ra in Egypt and had extended his empire from Greece up to the river Indus. He died soon after in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, but his legend fascinated people for centuries after his death and his conquests changed the history of world.

The exhibition in the Hermitage is exploring the legacy of Alexander in art throughout the centuries, as well as the influence that hellenistic civilization exerted in the cultures of the regions that came under greek dominance. The exhibition also focuses on the reality of Alexander, his education by Aristotle and the mindset that led him to become such a brilliant strategist and conqueror. For those interested in history and ancient cultures, this event is a must-see.

Open until March 18

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

International Quiz Nights

To all bright people in Eindhoven:

If you think that your encyclopedic knowledge is unmatched and you want all people to know about it, here's your chance; Every Thursday evening, in the very heart of Eindhoven, there is an International Quiz Night taking place.

More specifically, at Carrousel cafe/restaurant (at the Market Square) starting from 20.00 o'clock every Thursday there is a quiz contest made for international people. There you can compete with your friends team (or come solo and be placed in a team there) against the teams of other local smartasses. Participation is 3 Euros, but you have also to pay for your beers right? More details here. We've tried it and we totally suggest it.

Good luck, you will need it if you happen to play against my team (devilish laugh)